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And lo! the fangirls rejoiced!

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No One Else
Paring: Guy of Gisburne/Robert de Rainault, Guy of Gisburne/Philip Mark (Team Norman FTW!)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,844
Summary: After his deposition by Philip Mark and subsequent restoration, Robert de Rainault has a score to settle with his protégé. Set after the episode "The Sheriff of Nottingham".
Notes: Uh, nigh on PWP here. The fic includes the usual fucked-upedness of any Guy/Sheriff relations and maybe a bit more, because I love de Rainault and I love trying to write his dialogue, the sharp-tongued bastard.
And silly old LJ really dislikes my formatting or something, so some of the indentation for paragraphs gets wonky. Sorry about that, but I can't make it behave.
Beta'd by 3scoremiles_10, who is awesome and saved me from my Americanisms, as well as other diverse horrors.

The hall was empty save for myselfCollapse )

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Title: By the Wayside
Pairing: Robin of Huntingdon/Nasir
Rating: R for violence, I suppose.
Part: 2/??  (Part 1 is here)
Word Count: 5,566
Summary: Robin and Nasir are both outsiders, in a way.
Notes: No smut. Don’t blame me - they didn’t want to do smut just yet. I guess Team Hood isn’t as horny as Team Norman is.
    I also had to format this (insert expletive+appropriate suffix here) myself because LJ was having a special spas moment. So if any of the text seems to be italicised where it oughtn't or if paragraphs are lacking indentation, plz 2 not be snarky.
    Thanks to azinazelle  for betaing and avictoriangirl  for being my lovely muse. ♥  You two are awesome.

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总的来说,我上网的时候,我用了英文,因为英文是我先说的语言。 可是我现在要用中文。 可能是因为我是最近的厅了二胡。哎呀。
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This was my NaNo novel, but my research for this slowed me down too much. Now it's just another of my daft works-in-progress. This is the first sort of chapter-bit. I felt I needed to post it to keep it from going stale while I try to finish it off.

Title: The Tale of the Thirteenth Spirit
Chapter: 1/
Rating: R for this chapter, I suspect.
Pairing: Judas/John
Warnings: Heretical as hell!

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Title: Insha Allah
(Part: 1/??)
Pairing: Nasir/Robin of Huntingdon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,375

Summary: Nasir is a man of few words but many thoughts.
Notes: I decided long ago that Nasir loved Robin of Huntingdon, so I banged this out a while ago. I have vague designs of making it a prequel to something less introspective and more active.
I read a lot of Islamic poetry before I wrote this, so it has a pretty distinct flavour to it.

I'm cramming for The Quiz of Death, but I thought take a break and post this thing that I've had lurking on my computer since Friday. Unbeta'd - beware! It might be slightly fluffy. I'm not quite sure. It certainly is a lot more cultural than the Nasir on the show is, but how could I help myself? If they had to go and make him one of the hashshashin, they should have prepared for my deep and unrelenting need to write the story that stands (relatively) by the history of the hashshashin. So there!

I die of love for him, perfect in every way...Collapse )

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Title: Falling
Pairing: Guy of Gisburne/Robert de Rainault
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,250 (on the dot!)
Summary: The sheriff muses on Gisburne, and who should show up but Guy himself?
Notes: Firstly, it's kind of dark. Not really dark, but more dim and poorly lit. Secondly, I call Robert de Rainault "Robert" pretty often. Don't get him confused with Robert of Huntingdon, yo. That's a different story.
Thirdly, and this is my first fic in forever and a day, so please don't burn me as a witch or anything. If you listen to the accompanying mix while reading this, maybe it'll put you in a non-burning mood.
And last, but not least, my thanks and love to caeseria  for betaing this for me.

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Inspired by my NaNo novel and other small animals.
The song is by Azam Ali and Tyler Bates in their collaborative album, "Roseland". The quality of the DVD rips I was working with was pretty bad, so I apologise for some of the weird choppiness. (Of course, some of that is my infantile vid-making skills!)

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I nicked the pictures from a site on the 2004 TV drama about Judas. I see slash here, but I see slash everywhere. Maybe that's a given when you do Bibleslash?

Anyway, the wallpapers are all 1024x768. Resize if you like. Icon if you like. Print off and show to your gerbil if you like.

Wallpapers!Collapse )
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We are each going to produce at least one drabble/fic/ficlet/pr0nxsplosion a month.
It will be fantastic and secret and we shall develop a mystically secret handshake which no one will ever figure out. Other forms of fanproduce could be substituted: fanart, fanmix, fanicon, meta, fanvid (which I have no idea how to make), really spiffy recs, whatever.


This seemed like a very important photo to include.

I cannot find complete Sanosuke/Kenshin doujinshi anywhere and I WANT THEM!


I must go. There's so much porn to be had!
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Inspired by absolutely nothing, I have decided to, erm, fic a bit. So here it is. My Master & Commander drabble. Though the setting is actually from the book The Mauritius Command. But whatever. Just for you to oggle.
I should probably be shot. At least my icon matches the story, right? ♥

Title: Musing Aloud
Rating: PG
Pairing: Implied Jack/Stephen

Musing AloudCollapse )


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